Bug [new]┬áBug - Coding Standard Oct 15, 2009 ReaxtionStudios [Client] [Image: ReaxtionStudios] By
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navigation bar
When browsing to other pages, the "home" tab on the navigation bar stays highlighted instead of the actual page's tab being highlighted.

For example -

Click on the "products" tab. When you get to the products page, the "home" tab is still highlighted.
Bug [closed] Oct 19, 2009 coyajee_047ac09 [Dev] [Image: coyajee_047ac09] By
navigation bar
Fixed the issue
Bug [closed-verified] Oct 20, 2009 munira_027ac09 [QA-TL] [Image: munira_027ac09] By
navigation bar
Verified the changes and bug has been fixed
Issue Status: Closed - Verified